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Welcome to Tri-Cities Best
The Tri-City area is a unique place. We live, shop, eat, and play in the beautiful Columbia Basin and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In celebration of our great communities, Tri-City Herald presents Tri-Cities Best.


This year, we had over 1,900 businesses, organizations, and individuals competing to be named in the top three spots of 196 categories. We received over 287,000 votes! This contest is truly designed to engage the community in celebrating the places, restaurants, and local businesses we love.

Tri-Cities Best Promotion

Tri-Cities Best will have strong support from,, Tri-City Herald Newspaper, and social media. Nominations and voting will be driven by print, digital and social media promotions. Tri-City Herald will put over $100,000 in marketing support promoting Tri-Cities Best, driving participation, and ensuring success for the community and local businesses.

2023_Magazine mockup.png

Our 2023 Tri-Cities Best Magazines that were part of the Sunday edition of the Tri-City Herald. If you would like a personal copy, they are available for immediate purchase. >ORDER YOUR COPIES

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